COMPETITION! Win 2 tickets to Art Brut and Blast Unit Moscow @ Village Underground 5.11.13

You can win 2 tickets to Art Brut & Blast Unit Moscow at Village Underground, Shoreditch on 5th November

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Winners will be announced on Friday 1st November! 

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Below is a bit about Blast Unit Moscow

 In November, Blast Unit Moscow,  the voice of modern Russia play a  series of shows including the Village Underground with Art Brut on Nov 5th. 

Constantly selling out shows in their native Russia,  Blast Unit Moscow have a rabid fan base and these shows will give audiences in the  UK a chance to witness the phenomena first hand.
On December 9th Blast Unit Moscow will release their new single release  ‘When The Music Is Over’.
Russian culture has never much transcended the country’s own borders with the great exception of Russian literature, where writers like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy dwarfed most others in moral range, sweep and depth. But, now Blast Unit Moscow are set to change this with their dynamic form of rock’roll , as it was defined by the Beatles and the Stones, and redefined by the Clash and the Ramones.
‘When The Music Over ’ is an anthem that drives you into a state of euphoria and has an energy that dynamite’s its way into your consciousness and refuses to be ignored. The song is taken from their forthcoming new album ‘Krizis Of Genre’, produced by acclaimed Uber producer ‘Youth’, who exclaimed Blast Unit Moscow ‘as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale and stagnant rock scene’. The album mixes electronica and post punk with a classic pop sensibility  but has its own unique modern feel.
‘When The Music Is Over’ is about the frustrations of being a musician in Russia: “When you’re talking to no one… when the music is over and the colours are grey, and your name is forgotten.” This anthem is Blast Unit Moscow’s set closer which never fails to slay audiences with its rousing refrain.
Blast Unit Moscow’s previous single and debut release ‘Rollercoaster Ride’ was supported by Radio 2’s Janice Long, Absolute Radio’s Single Of The Week, a Planet Rock playlist plus interviews and features on  Reuters International, The Huffington Post & The Radio Times amongst others triggering really strong interest from both Booking Agents & European Record labels.
In their native Russia, Blast Unit Moscow have played with Blur, Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs and perform regularly at their club Krizis Zhanra in Moscow.
They host Blastfest, an annual festival that brings top UK bands to Moscow, so far including Bloc Party, S.C.U.M., Suede and Milk.
You need Moscow’s finest  Blast Unit Moscow in your life