Dappy releases new EP ‘Eros Apollo’

Ever since the controversial ‘Tarzan 2.0’ was released Dappy fans, other artists and everyone inbetween has been eagerly awaiting the latest instalment, Tarzan 3.0 and it has finally dropped as part of his latest EP Eros Apollo on Christmas day.

Dappy has caused a stir on the internet recently with his name trending in the UK on Facebook, and the EP and videos that followed have received a very mixed response. A lot of fans are happy to hear new material from Dappy, whilst others are criticising the EP and saying that he’s “fallen off” and “could’ve done a lot better”.

The 4 track EP is available on iTunes and and he’s released two video from the project so far, which you can watch below. So check them out and we’ll leave you to form your own opinions on this latest effort from Dappy.

Lewis Baker