David Gilmour to join Ben Watt and Bernard Butler at Islington Assembly Hall gig

Ben Watt used Twitter last night to announce that Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour will be playing on three songs at his London show next week at Islington Assembly Hall on Monday May 19. The rare appearance follows Gilmour’s cameo on Watt’s recently-released acclaimed album, ‘Hendra’.

Having already assembled the album’s original band for the first time for the date, including ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, the addition of Gilmour is an unexpected bonus.

‘We met by chance last September just before my album,’ says Watt. ‘It has all just fallen into place since then. First the album cameo and now this. He came down to rehearsal today to play pedal steel on ‘The Levels’ – the album track he’s on – and now he’s joining in on three. His lead playing is just great. It is an honour to be up there with him and Bernard Butler at the same time.’

Watt and Gilmour have already recorded and filmed a different acoustic version of ‘The Levels’ together. Check it out below.