David Morales to hold party in memory of Frankie Knuckles at Glastonbury

A remembrance party will be held for the late Frankie Knuckles, on the opening night of the NYC Downlow at Glastonbury Festival’s Block9.

The party will be hosted on June 26, by DJ David Morales in the memory of Frankie who died earlier this year. Morales was a close friend and will be assisted in hosting this event by vocalist Robert Owens who will be singing ‘Tears’.

Morales told NME: “Definitely be playing some of Frankie’s tunes, also play a story in his honour. I not only had the honor of meeting Frankie but I also had the opportunity to grow up with him and see the world together. Frankie was a huge influence in my life. Both personal and as a musician. His passing took a part of me.” The DJ adds: “Frankie was in a class all by himself. His music was soothing to the soul. He always had a smile for you.”