Ded Rabbit Unveil New Music Video For ‘The Milkman’

After the release of ‘Milkman’ on 7th September, the band have now followed up with a music video for the psychedelic and metaphorical societal mockery number. 

The music video features depictions of class divides, with an authoritative figure quite literally pushing, and swinging the character around in a shopping trolley. As other characters pass them by, everyone is unbothered by the mistreatment of the character.

An overly enthusiastic, implicitly upper class woman skips along the pavement until she barges into a man unapologetically, which is when the pushed around character throws the milk over her – simultaneous to the lyrics in the energised guitar roars being introduced and the lyrics being “people don’t need receipts”, basically giving a big “fuck off” to the higher classes and their treatment of those lower.

Political passions in the music video clearly marries the passion in the lyrics and instrumental of the song; in our nations time of deep political turmoil and divide,  it becomes a must watch, and a playlist essential.

Lottie Stuart

Lottie Stuart

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