Dilly Dally Release New Single ‘Doom’

Dilly Dally has just released their latest track ‘Doom’, taken from their forthcoming album, Heaven. 

Grungy, Joy Division-esque instrumental introduces the track, which is soon complimented with the haunting vocals of lead singer… The song speaks about the close destruction of the band, and how amongst the post-election America, they were able to stand united.

Singer, Katie Monks, says:

“The song is about preserving your spirit despite all odds. When your friends are out of reach, and you feel like you could fall forever into a deep depression, this song is asking you to catch yourself. It’s so hard to admit sometimes that we are all fragile. And it’s up to each of us as individuals, to take responsibility for our own happiness.”

Their album will be available on September 14th, with Partisan Records. Until then, you can listen to their latest track ‘Doom’ on all platforms. Including spotify: [spotify track=”spotify:track:7r6jAoPJSH6rklzFR9QtED”]

Dilly Dalisare about to go on tour with FIDLAR in North America, before coming to the UK for a sold-out London gig on October 9th.

Photo credit: Michelle Homonylo

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