Discovery of the Week: Knife Pleats

Knife Pleats is the upbeat and illuminating new project fronted by Canada DIY musical veteran Rose Melberg of Tiger Trap, Gaze and Go Sailor fame.

Based in Vancouver, the band formed through Melberg along with her fellow Love Cuts members Kaity McWhinney and Tracey Vath, and – with the addition of Gregor Phillips on drums – Knife Pleats was born. Their sound differs significantly from many of Melberg’s previous projects, whether solo or in other bands, but this superb new indie pop is arguably one of her best.

For fans of  the likes of Alvvays, Knife Pleats offer sweet and melodic vocal harmonies to sit atop gentle guitars and clashing cymbals. ‘One Step Too Far’ is the first track from debut album Hat Bark Beach, released on Melberg’s birthday (so maybe buy it as a lovely present to her and yourself). Melberg sings throughout in her melancholic tone “I let you down, I let you down”, but in such a casual way that you wonder whether she really cares.‘Terrible’ is similar in style, but faster, with the drums lighter and the guitars more fuzzy.

Both tracks are an exciting sign for the upcoming album, and are deserving of your immediate attention. 

Hat Bark Beach is released 29 September via Lost Sound Tapes, or order from WIAIWYA if based in Europe.


Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

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