Drenge – ‘Drenge’ Album Review

Formed in 2011, Drenge consists of two brothers, Eoin and Rory Loveless. Hailing from Sheffield, they one of Britain’s hottest new bands and are gaining an ever growing reputation of being loud, vibrant and vigorous live act. Having wowed crowds at festivals across the country this summer, they are now about to release an emphatic eponymous debut album.

‘Drenge’ consists of 12 contagious tracks. You may have previously heard the cracking singles ‘Bloodsports’ and ‘Backwaters’  which announced the band. Thewse tunes set tongues wagging as  reputations grew as Drenge became one of the most talked about properties in British rock music. The album is filled with another 10 tracks of a similar ilk.

The pair’s music has already been compared to The White Stripes and fellow Sheffield lads, The Arctic Monkeys. And it would be fair to say there are some similarities on the debut. But it doesn’t stop there and there also seems to be a nod towards the loud and dangerous three chord punk the late 1970 such as The Cramps. ‘Drenge’ certainly doesn’t hold anything back with their live reputation being backed up to the hilt.

The highlights of the album lie within the “Backwaters,” “People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck” and album closer “Fuckabout,” which features Eoin turning his attention to a more romantic side, making sure the album isn’t all fast upbeat song, which some critics might bemoan.  

The self titled debut is filled with catchy guitar solos and lyrics which give the album a purpose that stand them ahead of the like of ‘The 1975,’ and other up and coming bands of 2013. This sits in the ‘must buy’ category and will be sure to sweep you away like it did with me.

Thomas Eastwood