Elissa Franceschi – Devoid of Rue EP review

Following the success of her album, Into The Light and last years performance at the Olympics, Elissa Franceschi is back with a five track EP, Devoid of Rue.

The EP starts strongly with, All These Days, the first sentence really sets precedence for the rest of the EP. Elissa’s breathy and powerful vocals allow her to take the listener on a tale of a heartbroken girl, in an upbeat love song. The second track, Oceans, follows on the story with a slow piano ballad, where Elissa manages to sound both fragile and powerful at the same time. The third track, Outside My Body, is the most upbeat of the EP, Elissa’s makes use of her stunning vocal range, in this pop song, with slightly rough rock inspired sounding vocals. Chasing Something, slows the EP back down for a fantastic listen of harmonies which you feel you yourself bobbing along to. The final track, Dust, is the perfect power ballad to end, Devoid of Rue, bringing all the best elements of Elissa’s vocals. Elissa Franceschi, is an upbeat version of Adele with fantastic song writing skills paired with a voice most artists would envy.

Devoid of Rue, is out now so if you haven’t got it yet we suggest you do!

Samantha Foley