Emily Eavis denies Oasis are booked for Glastonbury

Emily Eavis has left hordes of Oasis fans gutted by confirming they will not be playing Glastonbury this year.

The internet faced a meltdown on Thursday evening when Liam Gallagher tweeted the letters spelling Oasis, followed by “OASIS LG”. This sent fans into a frenzy hoping that Gallagher and co would be turning out at Glastonbury. It turned out however, as Gigslutz said at the time, that Liam was just on the piss.

Emily Eavis has gone one step further and denied the rumours. When asked on Twitter if the band were playing she replied “Oasis will not be playing this year”

So there you have it. We can all draw a line under that one. It leaves a gap for one last headliner to be announced though. With the festival only 8 weeks away, it’s pushing it fine. Who is your money on? Tweet us @Gigslutz_