EP: Ben Khan ‘1000’


Ben Khan is back, following his critically acclaimed 1992 EP, with an evolved sound that creates a distinct style for the young musician.

Drawing similarities to Jai Paul’s R&B swagger style, Khan’s title track ‘1000’ offers one of the finest synth-pop tracks to be released so far in 2015. With melting melodies drifting around a lo-fi guitar support, the precise production infiltrates an extensive take on futuristic noise. The 1000 EP is a hub for the fusion of honourable pop and a heavy hip-hop influence, making for a specific type of anthem that can only be related back to the man who remains out of the spotlight most of the time.

What’s different from the debut extended play? There’s a sense of complexity and more important meaning within the production of this one. ‘2022 Zodiac’ illuminates the track with an almost instrumental jam that plays around with arcade game style sound and a palatable bass line. Ben Khan’s craft-minded attitude becomes the focal point of 1000 due to such a heavy production. But it doesn’t sound spoilt, it’s a well-rounded piece of art that allows you to think and evaluate certain aspects of other tracks like ‘Zenith’ which showcases a spectacular collaboration between R&B and moody blues.

‘Red’ exposes a deeper funk and soul face amongst the hidden treasures of the four tracks. Khan’s vocals sound stronger than before. Almost as if he has a found an inner ability to play around with the notes that he can reach, and blend them in with the bass that also carries the song. At times, the both melt into one each other and fuse into a collective force of power and attitude.

The most striking thing about the 1000 EP is that there’s a noticeable advance in the way Ben Khan merges his talents together to create a huge effect of being overwhelmed when listening to this. There’s a sense that Khan has narrowed in on his skills and is ready to build things up further and further until he sets the bar so high that nobody else can reach it. For his second attempt, 1000 is empowering and stronger than any extended play released in 2015.

1000 is released on 11th May via Dirty Hit.

Connor Willis


Connor Willis

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