EP: Crash Club – ‘C.C.101’

Having already received ‘Best Electronic Artist’ at the 2015 Scottish Alternative Music Awards, four piece Crash Club are now moving on with their advancing career, with their debut four track EP.

C.C.101 blends together a mixture of rock and electro, creating a sound that harks back to the sound of Primal Scream’s ‘XTRMNTR’, with a touch of New Order musical genius.

From beginning to end, Crash Club create a huge sound with sharp synths, booming open hi-hat dance beats, supported by clanging guitars and catchy hooks. The band’s use of guest vocalists can be heard on all four tracks of the EP to complete their intelligently-worked glossy productions.

Each track on this well-crafted EP works with the others, all of which have a certain ’90s dance vibe that’ll surely get you moving.

However, it does – for me – have two stand out tracks. One of these being ‘Chemical’ Feat. Dougie Mickey 9’s – a track that’s a lot more guitar focused compared to the others, but coated heavily with some lovely arpeggiated synth lines, filter swept effects and again that catchy chorus laid over a thumping beat.

The best track this EP offers is ‘Last Dance’ Feat Tony Costello. Crash Club go all in with the production on this track, traversing through some great build ups and break downs, ending in style with a minute’s worth of genius with everything going out all guns blazing.

All in all, C.C.101 is a well-crafted and stylishly produced four track EP, showing off Crash Club’s talent. With a series of EPs planned, I can tell for sure that this wont be the last we’ll be hearing from Crash Club!

C.C.101 is out now via Samba Hut Records. Get your copy here.

Warren Allett

Warren Allett

Warren Allett

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