EP: The Duke Spirit – ‘Serenade’

Following their latest album Kin, released earlier this year, The Duke Spirit have now shared new EP Serenade as an epic follow up.

Singer Liela Moss says of Serenade: 

“It’s a collection of songs that share the sense of running out of time to fix things, fix people – they are a tide slipping away from fingers…”

And you can definitely hear this throughout the record and Moss’ vocal style, combined with the guitar, is a lovely contrast to this theme.

The EP opens with title track ‘Serenade’, which has a beautiful dream-like vibe with the fantastic use of glissando-sounding synths combined with Moss’ ethereal vocal style. Follow up track, ‘Make It Alright’, brings us back down to earth with the guitar taking more of a lead. Moss continues her enchanting vocal style but sings in a lower tone, giving the song more of a raw feel.

‘Steel Love’ is a definite highlight of the record. The seductive, bluesy guitar riff in the intro is enough to make your hairs stand on end. Moss’ vocal layered on top of the riff just adds to the seduction, and the heavier chorus gives the song a definitive edge.

‘Throw The Water On The Fire’ follows the same relaxed style as ‘Steel Love’, and is a great finishing track for the EP.

Serenade, the new EP from The Duke Spirit, is out now via Red Essential. Buy it on iTunes now.

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