EP: HVMM – ‘Talk To Me Like I’m Dead’

Worcester band HVMM‘s visceral rock shines through on Talk To Me Like I’m Dead, their new EP, set for release next month.

Opening track ‘Lacerate’ suits its namesake perfectly; as Andy Teece’s vocals howl over a turgid guitar-based instrumental, the jarring plucking of strings acts as a kind of oxymoron. ‘1924’ is sultrier, as if it is gliding through the veins of the album – Andy’s vocal is torn, reminiscent of Jack White and the bluesy rock of The Kills. Another standout track, ‘Going Postal’, features lead guitarist Ebony Clay’s velveteen vocal harmonising with Teece like honey dripping down a stone wall.

As the album progresses, the songs become heavier, cruder, and the music seems looser. Raucous is as raucous does; the tracks lose their bluesy tinge, and trade it for something close to metal.

Of the EP, lead vocalist Andy Teece explains:

“Try limiting any preconceived ideas when listening to the tracks and enjoy them for what they may or may not be to you, or choose to get suckered in by some standard marketing bullshit to help lead you down the road like a two-year-old, needing constant guidance when learning to use a knife and fork.”

Talk To Me Like I’m Dead is somewhat terrifying, at times dangerous, but never dull. Slick bluesy guitars and jagged vocals characterise HVMM’s sound, with the EP never losing focus or energy.

Talk To Me Like I’m Dead, the upcoming EP from HVMM, is out 1 September via ILA.


Erin Bashford