EP: Interpol – ‘A Fine Mess’


American Guitar rock group Interpol return with their latest EP A Fine Mess. A collection of 5 tracks which highlight the trademark snarl of the bands guitar tones.

Interpol have been a present within the Alternative Rock scene since their staggering debut, 2002’s Turn on The Bright Lights. Now, some 17 years later, the band highlight the relevancy and necessity of their genre. With the collection of tracks acting like a punk-rock-fuelled lesson in how to produce guitar rock of a wonderful quality.

Opening the EP is lead single Fine Mess. It sets the EP off at a blistering pace with instantaneous cacophony of punk-tinged guitar riffs and pounding drums. The almost distorted, robotic vocals give the track a lo-fi style to the tack, a refreshing touch within the modern musical climate. The chorus breaks-away from the speed for a second, its monotone guitar riff allowing the vocal delivery to break through for only a second. This is before the listener is jolted back into the track at a ferocious pace.

Changing the tone is following track No Big Deal, which takes a more melodic and slower tone. It must be stated that the track still maintains a harder edge, most notably within the lead-in to the tracks climax. The riffs of the track build wonderfully, being at the forefront whilst never becoming all encompassing. The use of strings within tkhe aforementioned climax emphasises no-end the musicality of the band. Adding a different dimension to both the track and the EP.

Third track Real Life is the EP’s highpoint. Kicking in with an undeniably catchy guitar hook, it marks a continuing of the EP’s riff-centric nature whilst still managing to mark a clear differentiation within the EP. The distortion within the vocals is used to its full extend here. Creating a much darker tone and building-up a more intense atmosphere than previously seen. The chorus is an intense, wonderful racket. Loud guitars, pounding drums and the crucial vocals, it shows a darker-edge to the EP.

Closing out the EP are tracks The Weekend and Thrones. Each marks a return to the more upbeat sounds of the EP. Blending punk-rock guitar tones with a pop-esque melody. It takes on a sound reminiscent of The Vaccines, within its use of hard, hazy guitar tones. It heightens the previously established focus upon the guitar sounds, with the vocal delivery seeming somewhat distant in comparison. Both tracks build in intensity as they reach their respective crescendo. A brilliant way to cap-off the EP.

Interpol’s A Fine Mess is just that. A wonderful mix of harsh, hard guitar tones and distortion fuelled vocals, it demonstrates that the ability to craft great guitar music is not dead in the modern day. Taking the differing moods of up-beat and dark, it never once loses its intensity. The EP acts as a tantalising taste of what the future holds.