EP: Nina Nesbitt ‘Modern Love’


Nina Nesbitt dropped her debut album Peroxide in 2014 to mixed reviews and best known for her top 40 hit, ‘Stay Out’. But unlike the majority of pop singers, the half- Scottish teen singer played the acoustic guitar and felt slightly human. Maybe this has saved her from being thrown onto the train destined for anonymity, as she has returned seemingly sans-guitar, hair trimmed, lips re-glossed and ready for round two.

As the acoustic guitar gathers dust, Nesbitt has described her new synthetic material as “her most honest music” to date. Does this mean that Peroxide was just full of lies? How can we ever forgive her? In the meantime, the Modern Love EP (only three actual songs and two remixes) is a collection of very modern pop songs that have been stripped back in production, with an increased reliance on vocals.  Lead single ‘Chewing Gum’ (not a cover of the beloved Annie single), has certainly been influenced by Tove Lo and Lykke Li, whilst ‘Masquerade’ could easily be Marina And The Diamonds.  Not a bad choice of muses and still young enough to have a second go at the “oh so shallow” pop starlet career.  Just a shame she has chosen such an obvious sound for Nesbitt V2.0.

Modern Love is out now via Island Records.

Fran Jolley