EP: Plastic People – ‘Gripping Reality’

Having started to make a name for themselves last year on the gig/festival circuit, earlier this month Plastic People have shared Gripping Reality – a dose of swaggering noise that floats somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys.

That said, it’s perhaps an injustice to judge Plastic People in relation to other bands, when Gripping Reality speaks more for itself than any crass comparison could. From ‘Feel Right’ – an unstoppable force of an EP opener – to ‘Blow It Up’, via the almost circus-esque, unsettling but hugely addictive ‘The Getaway’ and the softer touch of the title track, Gripping Reality is the perfect introduction to Plastic People.

It’s certainly a difficult feat to get all manner of influences into just four tracks, while keeping them consistent, and on paper it perhaps sounds flitting, but it’s something that Plastic People pull off as though they were born to do it. Drifting seamlessly from brooding rock n roll to dance-able grooves, while still keeping with a sound that is distinctly theirs, Gripping Reality is proof that while it’s early days for Plastic People, this is what they were made for. While it sets the bar high for future releases, I’ve every faith it can only go up from here.

Gripping Reality is out now

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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