EP: ReVerbed ‘Another Year, Still Here’


After a long uphill struggle to keep the band together, Brighton four-piece ReVerbed have defied the odds and returned with their latest EP, Another Year, Still Here. This release is a testimony of the challenges they’ve faced on the six year journey from their school days, and retells honestly the moment they nearly gave it all up.

This experiment in nostalgia brings with it some pop punk, alt rock and emo influences, which are blended in across their natural pop rock sound. You can feel the musicians they once were, as well as the ones they are now.

You can feel that emo touch in ‘Bury Me’ with its determined dark structure and ever-angrier progression, brought to life by the interplay from co-vocalists Zoë Waugh and George Donoghue. There is an undeniable pop punk vibe to ‘Keep Me In our Eyes’ as it steadily progresses to an uplifting end through diving riffs and irresistibly vocals.

There is a lot lacking, however, in the lyrics and general finish of Another Year, Still Here. Catchy hooks are interspersed among predictable lines, and the EP finishes with a feeling that a lot more could have been done.

But there is still a lot of substance to this release. Opening track ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ has real bite with its earthy layered vocals and a cascading furious bridge. And, ReVerbed show a slightly softer side with the off-beat feel, oozing heartache and gorgeous harmonies of ‘Promises’.

The mixture of tones and inspirations on this EP really sums up the journey this young band has taken, and brings to life the walls they have broken through. Even that unfinished feel seems to fit, as it shows that this band, that have come so far in themselves, still have a long and exciting musical journey ahead of them.

‘Another Year, Still Here’ is out now.

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