EP: Acting Strange ‘Night On The Tiles’


Bluesy, raucous tones of the 60’s entwined with influences of the past and present folk scene: the guitar-fuelled sound of Acting Strange‘s EP, Night On The Tiles, is extremely enticing and ultimately captivating.

Acting Strange are a couple of cousins, translating their experiences of nostalgic summers and blithe attitudes into breezy, reflective anthems.  The Glaswegian duo’s EP was recorded in their late uncle Gabby’s taxidermy workshop, where the pair were passionately taught to blossom into fully-fledged musicians over many sunny seasons.

Composed of four startlingly special tracks, Night On The Tiles is influenced by the era of heartfelt free-love, yet with a modern day, lo-fi slant. While opening track ‘Rumble’ evokes an aroma which could be defined as a key component to the swinging sixties, the following, ‘Dreaming Away’, is pierced with a variety of contemporary pure-pop hooks.  Although these sounds may contrast, they also act as a direct insight into how diverse and interesting the faces behind Acting Strange are.

Arguably, the paramount and most enthusiastically promising track from Night On The Tiles is ‘Oh No’. Driven by sweet harmonica riffs and a resounding rough-and-ready chorus, ‘Oh No’ is a rowdy celebration of the band, their abilities and not to mention a definite pointer to where their future is about to take them.

Ending on a high, the Night On The Tiles EP closes on the groovy, ‘Universal Blues’. A wash of intense appeal douses the lucky listener to wrap their ears around Acting Strange’s extended play, leaving none to suffer any form of disappointment.

Night On The Tiles is released on September 8th via Black Records.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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