EP Review: Freddy Cass – ‘In Session at the Joint’

I’m often very skeptical about new singer-songwriters; surely there can only be so many capable of bringing something fresh? Clearly, there’s still stuff to be done, as St. Albans-based Freddy Cass proves. As well as a BBC Introducing session, Cass also released his live session EP on 10th December. Consisting of five tracks, very well selected from an initial fifteen that were recorded, In Session at the Joint is a perfect blend of folk and soul. Hand him a guitar, and he’ll channel Bob Dylan. Songs such as’Restaurant At The Edge Of The Universe’ and ‘Wasteland Waiting’ prove his talent when it comes to folk writing: it’s narrative and personal. He’s got a real knack for lyrics and manages to combine lust alongside an underlying political tone with his simple folk-like story telling.

Hand him a piano, however, and you’re presented with Freddy Cass no. 2. This one’s soulful – channeling the likes Bill Withers or Paolo Nutini  – rather than the seemingly nonchalant folk tone of the first few tracks. ‘The Sunrise Singer’, in particular, is a beautifully melodic and powerful creation, proofing that Cass is clearly musically talented.

Don’t be put off by the stylistic divide, however. Aside from his powerful vocals and musical talent, what Cass arguably deserves most credit for is being able to create an EP that continues to flow seamlessly, despite the shift in style. While the style may be different, the strength and solidarity in his voice is a constant.

Let’s hope we hear far more from Freddy in 2015!


In Session Live At The Joint is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon now. Find out more here. ]


Melissa Svensen


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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