EP REVIEW: Junaco ‘Awry’

Melodic garage folk duo Junaco unveil their truthfully tender EP Awry. The five track release captures a raw honeyed tone oozing with delicate guitar riffs and featherlike vocals. Attracting listeners with their reflective sound, Awry is Junaco’s profound contemplations in its purest form.

Awry begins with the lulling and melancholy single ‘In Between’. The song showcases muted guitars, sweeping soundscapes and a passionate vocal tone. Longingly singing, “I know this is the way I have to go, but I don’t know,” the track narrates the reality of being lost. ‘In Between’ emits a captivating quality, wrapping the listener into a whirlwind of emotions and not letting them go.

The dark and ominous ‘Willow’ highlights deep warming tones and soulful vocals gliding atop jangly guitars. Thematically ‘Willow’ is inspired by feelings that are often intensified by our surroundings. The track is about releasing those powerful emotions rather than trying to conceal them. With an organic atmosphere and storytelling lyricism, the song a stunning triumph.

Junaco is Los Angeles based Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa. Formed in a small mountain town in Northern California, the duo found an escape from musical norms. Away from the rituals of rushed songs and constant worrying, a solid partnership flourished of progression and melody. Junaco is known for subtle seduction and rich mellow grooves, leaving fans with an unassailable batch of songs.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as John Mayer and The Beatles, they aspire to craft music that brings people closer together. Junaco reminds others of our natural human emotions and Awry illustrates just how similar we are at our cores. With honest music that stays true to themselves and authentic songwriting which forms connections with their audiences, the duo have created a sound which allows listeners to relate from all walks of life. Check out Junaco’s EP Awry out now.