EP Review: Victory Kicks – ‘Emergency Noise’

Gigslutz first gave you Victory Kicks back in March, when we introduced you to The Decibel Age. In what can only be described as an extremely impressive turnaround, they’ve gifted us another bundle of easy-listening in the form of their new EP, Emergency Noise. It certainly doesn’t disappoint! The title track is a jazzy, upbeat melody with a more assured hook than previous tracks the band has given us. With it, the listener feels a sense of urgency that makes the band stick in your head.

‘My Favourite Machine’ is a neatly crafted track that perfectly balances John Sibley’s angsty vocal – “now my brittle black heart inches close to decay / Now I’m waiting out the days” –  with the other musical components. What makes Victory Kicks so great is how the tracks flow into one another; they’ve got continuity and a very distinctive sound.

Stripping themselves back to basics in ‘Fears’, Victory Kicks deliver a simplistic melody that sounds like the sort Chris Martin might hum in the shower. It’s not the sort of song you can picture being belted in a stadium but that’s not to say you can’t engage with it on a relatable level. The quivering tone in Sibley’s voice is carefully manipulated to build on the emotion the band showed us they could bring to a record in The Decibel Age. ‘Sycamore’ is another gentle track that epitomizes the band’s lo-fie foots.

‘Casual Soul’ is interesting in that it starts solely with Sibley’s vocal and then builds to a paced and somewhat frantic melody. Complimenting one another, never drowning the frontman out it is clear the band are a tightly knit, and incredibly talented unit. They confirm this in ‘The National Low’ where the band’s lyrics are – in my eyes – at their best: “morning takes my mind / to temporary daytimes / vanishing completely / swallowed in a black sea”. Match this with a carefully regulated drum beat, expert guitar control and you have a song that merits the title of ‘perfection’.

‘Everybody All The Time’ is another jarring, upbeat melody reminiscent of the likes of The Thrills. The backing vocals are unobtrusive but add a level of depth to the melody that means your foot is bouncing and you’re swaying side to side; all you need is a pint (or two!) in the sunshine and you’re good to go. If you’re not singing along to the ‘”la la la”s by the end then something’s gone wrong, that’s for certain. Although the noise created may not create any kind of ’emergency’, Victory Kicks continue to deliver their gentle, catchy melodies and thought provoking lyrics to great effect – definitely worth a listen.


Beth Kirkbride


Beth Kirkbride
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