EP: Rosie Bans ‘Process’

Rosie Bans is a diligent pianist, vocalist, and song-writer. She’s released three EPs, and her most recent release – Process – is an apt description of her approach to song-writing. On this record, Rosie’s musical outpourings are consistently up-tempo and enthusiastic.

Opening track ‘Stop This’ sets this precedent with its energetic electric guitar and bouncy piano work – her vocals are like hard candy; sweet but strong. Second song ‘Giving My All’ is thoughtful but free from hesitation – “I’ve never done this before, and I’ve never felt so sure about trusting a stranger”, whilst on ‘Family Man’ Rosie (quite rightly) berates a man who gives up the security of family life for another girl – There ain’t no such thing as karma, stick that knife in harder”.

‘Run, Don’t Walk’ begins with contemplative piano, and more of Rosie’s thoughtful lyrics, before the loud, triumphant chorus kicks in:Throw me to the lions, I can do this on my own…“. When guest vocalist Dani Sachar’s voice appears (one half of London blues duo, Cosmo House), the song’s spirit soars as piano and guitar collide in the victorious closing minutes of the track.

Process sees Rosie Bans examine her courage and her conscience; and the result is four very cool, very clever tracks.

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Assistant Editor for Gigslutz (2015-2017) Co-Founder, Co-Host & Features Editor for @getinherears