EP: Scarlet ‘Fishes’


Fishes. The debut EP from Jessie Robinson’s alt-pop brainchild Scarlet. It’s quite simply majestically dark alt-pop at it’s pulsy and vibrant best.

The EPs opener is also its lead single ‘Anyway’. The track was played by BBC Radio 6 Music in the wake of it’s release and has already garnered several positive reviews in the written and online media. It’s Jessie’s swift two-fingers into the face of any doubters and let downs.

Unmistakeably pop yet with it’s musical hormones in a bit of a twist and mood swings flying all over the place. Upbeat vies with darkness throughout whilst your ears try to make sense of it all. Eventually it does all comes together in the form of an attitude packed, noisy finale that sets the standard for the rest of the record.

‘Daisy Chains’ comes next, led by a strong bassline throughout the verses before bursting into an infectious chorus of lead singer Jessie’s soft vocals alongside gallons of chirpy riffage. The EP’s punchiest number is ‘Dead’. Beginning with gentle guitars before bursting into a fuzzy cloud of amp filled noise and crashing drums.

Something that’s evident throughout is subtle verses and powerful choruses. Each song builds up momentum before bursting into life with catchy choruses. The one exception to that rule is ‘Hold Me Under’, a previously un-released track and one that anyone from outside the band circle is unlikely to have heard before. It’s a real star-gazer. Luscious pop, gentle and pleasant to the ears. Jessie’s vocal shines bright under the starlit sky the music paints above.

‘Racing’ ends the EP on a high-note, not that there’s many low ones. It’s almost surf-pop, the guitars most certainly are. This one vies with Anyway for the albums catchiest chorus sequence award and I’d probably say this one pips it’s older, single-wielding sibling. Just.

Overall as debut EPs go, this one checks many boxes and is a lovely stepping stone to what I’m sure will be greater things for Scarlet

Fishes will be launched at Leaf, Liverpool on April 30th and will be available both on Vinyl and digital download from May 5th.

Jake Marley