EP: Slabtoe. – ‘Slow Movements’

The eerily named Slabtoe. have released their debut EP Slow Movements via Brighton label Twitcher Records; and it’s an intriguing collection of  lo-fi, lethargic, but magnetic sounds that will seep right in to your cells. Their sedated buzz will appeal to fans of Duster, Dirty Beeches, and Elvis Depressedly.

The distant-sounding vocals on first track ‘Nothing But A Bad Dream’ create a hypnotic dirge; something simultaneously disconcerting and reassuring that holds your attention for a full 6 minutes. The mellow ‘Painted Scenery’ follows, with more of Slabtoe’s hushed vocals and entrancingly repetitive guitar loops. It’s the type of song that could soundtrack a solitary walk in the rain, or a quiet autumn night in a dimly lit, lonely bedroom.

The ambient sounding ‘The Heron Sits And Thinks Of Fish’ is 4 minutes of quiet, contemplative guitar and gentle vocals, and the eponymously named ‘Slow Movements’ closes the EP on a sombre but graceful note. It’s unusual for one EP to host so many tracks with a 6 minute duration, but Slabtoe. have mastered the ability to create these mesmeric, hazy, evenly paced kind of tunes. You can stay suspended in their casual, magnetic embrace by listening to Slow Movements in full below.

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Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Assistant Editor for Gigslutz (2015-2017) Now Co-Founder, Co-Host & Features Editor for @getinherears