EP: The Spitting Pips ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’


Moving forward from their spirited Brit-rock nostalgia meets American neo-psych debut EP Acid Soul released back in 2014, The Spitting Pips return with their second EP You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet! The past year has seen the working-class North Wales and Liverpool hailing five piece sign to Ugly Man Records and hone in their soulful acid-tinged rock and roll resonance. The band elates their once slightly unfocused sound into both powerful and mesmerizing guitar driven psychedelic grunge.

Psychedelic spools drift across ‘Cell Adore’ adding an acid laden haze to spirited rock and roll, whilst ‘Father’ falls complacently as a classic indie-rock ballad with a soothing simplicity.

The EP’s lead single ‘Optimistic Junkie’ alongside ‘Revolution’ are of classic full-throttle rock and roll. The charisma of Oasis reared Brit-pop collides with the gnash of American grunge, to stir a growling bluster.

An element of indie-dance funk spools across ‘Plastic Jesus’. Shuffling in an acid soaked beat The Pips liken themselves to blissed-out Stone Roses and Primal Scream tracks. It’s no surprise the five-piece have been asked to play the Shine On Weekender this November – a festival which sees Happy Mondays and Inspiral Carpets on the bill.

It’s easy to hear The Pips varied influences; with Anton Newcombe’s Brain Jonestown Massacre marked spinning whirls to 90s Madchester’s indie-dance bass drive and Brit-pop’s swagger seeming present on You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!. But it’s harder however, to get your ears around how The Spitting Pips have managed to craft this diverse pallet of musical nostalgia into one wholesome and captivating modern sound. And bringing together the sounds of American neo-psychedelic with that of British-pop culture – formulates an innovative amalgamation.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet sees release on Ugly Man Records October 22nd


The Spitting Pips are set for an EP launch at Liverpool’s Blue Angel, also October 22nd

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