EP: The Statue Thieves – ‘Revolutions In Your Mind’

The Statue Thieves are soon to be releasing their third EP. The psychedelic rock-based group have been working on this five track album for the past year and have finally perfected it, with each track produced, recorded and mixed by guitarist and vocalist, Iván Muela.

London based, the boys formed in January 2012, with a shared interest in alternative rock music. The band found their sound when they mixed classic rock riffs with the soft tones of psychedelia and soul, which has shown to be an angelic fuse in this upcoming EP. All of the band members have shown their worth by proving their capability of producing intimate melodies and pairing them with unique beats that contrast and complement.

The main aim for this EP was to spark interest from new fans that enjoy the likes of Pink Floyd and Tame Impala, but also to rekindle the love of their loyal followers who have never stopped supporting the ever-growing band.

With the eclectic-sounding EP set to be a huge success across the country, The Statue Thieves are heading out to perform throughout the UK as well as dates overseas once their EP has flown through the charts.

Revolutions in Your Mind is set to be released next Monday, 22 June.


Meg Benbow