EP: Trampolene ‘Pocket Album Three’


Despite their early stages (we’re still to see the release of a highly anticipated debut album), Trampolene have already seen comparison to the Britrock greats such as Oasis. And this is no surprise, as Jack Jones’ vocals bleed the charisma of a Gallagher front man. Pocket Album Three continues the threesome’s series of ‘pocket’ EP releases with their magnetic attitude.

Living up to the anthemic nature of previous tracks such as ‘You Do Nothing For Me’ and ‘Alcohol Kiss’, ‘It’s Not Rock And Roll’ blasts a dance-rock thunder. Featuring a robotic voice in the mix of colossal guitar based drive, Trampolene deliver a fearsome industrial kick. ‘It’s not rock and roll that’s causing all this trouble…’ snarls Jones.

Following Trampolene’s earlier spoken word tales, ‘Ketamine’ provides a calming break of gritty humor and social commentary. Jones’ warm Welsh speech sucks the ears into an intriguing observation of narcotics – with a soothing bounce. His inviting voice cleverly contrasts the sinister anecdotes of his un-nerving tale, ‘The best of a session may lift your depression, or leave you mentally unstable on a mortuary table.’

‘No One’s Got Love Like We Got’ is of soft and amorous rock. A hook-filled chorus of luscious harmony is enough to dreamily drift the brain in thought of a loved one. Switching from lambasting rock to themes of romance, Trampolene ascertain themselves as eclectic. Able to grasp the sour to the sweet, Jones’ croons adorably captivating lyrics with the metaphor of a simple smokers accessory; ‘everyday I’m getting brighter, with a little help from my cigarette lighter…’

Trampolene prevail themselves as more than your meat and potatoes rock band, parading an array of diversity on such a small release, with tracks from anthem to spoken word and ballad. As a digestible yet highly fuelled addition to rock-pop, the Swansea hailing group could be lumped together with the commercial contagion of Catfish and The Bottlemen, but Pocket Album Three proves the trio to roar a feistier and more unique growl.

Pocket Album Three is released on 2nd October via Mi7 Records.

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