New Order recording new material with The Chemical Brothers

New Order’s Phil Cunningham has today revealed to Gigslutz the band are working on a new EP with The Chemical Brothers Tom Rowlands

This follows, keyboardist  Gillian Gilberts confirmation that the band were working on a new EP and were looking to release it before the end of the year.

Speaking to Gigslutz, Cunningham stated “We’ve made a start [on recording]. We are going to do an EP. We can’t really do an album as we will disappear and we can’t keep people waiting forever! But we’ve made a start. We have Tom from The Chemical Brothers working on the recordings at the minute when we are away [on tour in America]”

Keep your eyes peeled on Gigslutz for the full interview…  

The Chemical Brothers have previously worked with New Order on the 2002 single, ‘Here To Stay’. The track was played live on their tour last year and is featured on the their ‘Live at Bestival 2012’ record which is released this week, with proceeds going to The Isle of Wight Youth Trust.

New Order – Here To Stay from javnorambuena on Vimeo.