Features of Slot games Explained

What a long way the global gambling industry has come since its initial legitimate formation in the 16th century, with the Casino di Venezia being the first genuine casino the world had ever seen. Since then things have got pretty crazy for the worldwide gambling world, with the rise of super casinos across Europe in the 1800s, and then the Las Vegas casino explosion of the 1900s proving that this industry had a hell of a lot going for it – click to play here.

Over the last few decades, however, a new development has completely and utterly revolutionised the entire gambling industry, and that development is online casino. Suddenly everybody in the world with an Internet connection could gamble away to their heart’s content, even if they lived nowhere near a casino! Online slots are by far the biggest success story of the modern online casino industry too, read ahead for some features of slot games explained. 

Scatter and wild symbols 

When Charles D. Fey first devised the Liberty Bell machine, which was the world’s first commercially viable slot game at the time, the game was incredibly simple, and was leagues away from what we are all now used to in the online slots world. One major difference between the earliest slots and what we have today is the fact that scatter and wild icons are now commonplace. But what are they? 

Well, a wild symbol can differ in appearance, but will almost always be able to substitute with most other symbols on the reels in order to make winning combinations.  Then there are the scatter symbols that are present in most modern online slots. These are regularly your ticket to a free spins round, as well as sometimes more complex bonus features. 

Bonus rounds  

Bonus rounds are definitely the places where online slot developers put the most effort in these days, as modern online slot bonus rounds are seriously top notch, and they are also a prime way for developers to attract new players to their games. 

Modern bonus rounds come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, with the most modern ones often looking like proper little video mini-games. One thing that is always the case with bonus rounds, however, is the fact that there are routinely some excellent multipliers and other lucrative offerings to get your teeth stuck into. 

The gamble feature 

The gamble feature in online slots was first popularised by the Australian developer Eyecon, however is now commonplace in a large variety of different online slot games. What the gamble feature allows people to do is try and double, or even triple their winnings through a 50/50 chance. 

As you might expect, this is something that has succeeded in exciting many gamblers, the only thing we would say is be careful, you don’t want to lose all of your winnings at once! 

Autoplay feature 

Some developers have also included an autoplay feature in their online slots, and this allows gamblers to sit back and watch the reels spin all by themselves.