Born off the back off This Feeling club nights and festival stages, This Feeling – Alive tour, sees headliners Bang Bang Romeo, The Shimmer Band and Blackwaters head out around the UK, supported by more of the best new bands around, to celebrate indie music in 2017 and the power of new bands. 

Ahead of the tour, we’re catching up with all the bands involved to find out what makes them tick. Paves chat to us before the London show…

Describe the band in 3 words

Sous Les Pavés

And what can people expect from your live shows?

We think it’s fair to say we put our entire soul into every set we play. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to showcase your art in such a vivid way and we take it as much seriously as we do take pride in it.

Funniest gig/tour experience?

There have been more than a few ‘moments’ along the way, but maybe one of the funniest was when our pal started putting people in chokeholds at this after party for fun. He did it to this massive metal head and the guy passed out just as his girlfriend walked in. Anyway, to cut a long story short she thought our man just killed him and started screaming pretty loud until he woke up… He loved it and did it again.

Who would be on your ideal festival lineup (to play alongside)?

There are some great bands out there, we could give you a full run down with every stage meticulously thought out, but imminent band ructions at the fact we need to send this interview back tonight mean that we’re taking the easy route here. Man, have Pink Floyd, The Stones and The Beatles headline, then have a different theme Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Psych – Rock – and then fuck it, make Sunday Hologram day. Revisit the past while the inevitable kicks in!

What song do you wish you’d written?

I’ve always said ‘Jealous Guy; by John Lennon in interviews, but come on, I can’t just pick one can I…there is a plethora of songs I’d have loved to have written…

Who should we be listening to at the moment?

To be fair, listen to any band you get recommended. However, given the chance, go and  watch the fuckers live, then you’ll get to see how we work as people and as musicians, right in front of you. Don’t just sit in Starbucks drinking your overly expensive Chai Latte (which is gross btw), saying how expensive gigs are. They’re not expensive, and they’re good for the soul.

Why are promoters/nights like This Feeling so important?

Accessibility. Quality. Affordability.
Thank god there are some people that put everything into music. You get to see 4/5 bands from around the country for a tupence… End of.

Paves play Electric Ballroom, London w/ Bang Bang Romeo, The Shimmer Band
and Blackwaters on 14 October. For tickets and info on other dates visit

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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