Born off the back off This Feeling club nights and festival stages, This Feeling – Alive tour, sees headliners Bang Bang Romeo, The Shimmer Band and Blackwaters head out around the UK, supported by more of the best new bands around, to celebrate indie music in 2017 and the power of new bands. 

Ahead of the tour, we’re catching up with all the bands involved to find out what makes them tick. Manchester’s Proletariat are up next to tell us a little more about them…

Describe the band in three words 

Hungry. Ready. Alive.

What can people expect from your live shows?

An expression of pure energy that spends weeks and weeks waiting to erupt. Slick riffs, pounding beats, ferocious vocals – the full package.

Funniest gig/tour experience?

It has to be when we were playing Gulliver’s in Manchester supporting our good friends Trampolene. We were halfway through our set when Jack Jones appeared on some huge guy’s shoulders, after about 30 seconds or so next thing we can see is Jack hitting the deck. The guy was well over six foot, once Jack emerged again and we realised everything was okay that’s when it settled in just how hilarious it looked.

Who would be on your ideal festival lineup (to play alongside)?

Hmmm, I’ll probably remember a tonne more tomorrow. But from the top of my head I’d say Cabbage, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Rage Against The Machine, Slaves, Kasabian, and The Clash (if we’re allowed to do some resurrecting).

What song do you wish you’d written?

Easy. ‘Live Forever.’ Not much more needs to be said about that really does it?

Who should you be listening to at the moment?

Breed, Sheafs, Blackwaters, Strange Bones, Sons, Queen Zee and The Sasstones, Freak, The Shimmer Band, Bang Bang Romeo, and many many more.

Why are promotors like This Feeling so important? 

It’s simple init? There’s nobody else out there like Mikey and This Feeling. It truly is a platform for bands that deserve to be heard, artists that show a sense of independence against a world of beige musical offerings. It’s for those with attitude, and just the right amount of it. For the future. Without the likes of This Feeling, the future would undoubtedly sound bleak.

Proletariat play Manchester Club Academy w/ Bang Bang Romeo, The Shimmer Band
and Blackwaters on 8 October. For tickets and info on other dates visit

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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