This Feeling hits Tramlines with 30 of the best new bands at free entry fringe events / day splits + times announced

21st to 23rd July 2017 This Feeling returns to Tramlines Festival. Sheffield, steel yourselves for Trampolene, Strange Bones, Blackwaters, Paves, The Cosmics, No Hot Ashes, The Assist, Jordan Allen, Emily Capell + LOTS more are on all all hot line up of this year’s guitar powered excellence.

Free Entry, with DJs until late at The Great Gatsby (from 6pm on Friday 21st July) and The Rocking Chair (from 2pm on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July)

Last year was was consistently packed, from first to last note, at This Feeling’s 2016 Tramlines Festival Fringe, with a crowd of the new bright young things inside and out, from start to finish. Expect this year to be no different, just maybe a bit more packed! What a line up. Here’s the days/times…

Friday 21st July at The Great Gatsby (from 6pm)

Trampolene       12am

*Secret guests* 11pm

The Wired           10pm

The Strawberries  9pm

Jordan Allen         8pm

The Harringtons   7pm

Saturday 22nd July at The Rocking Chair (from 2pm)

Strange Bones 11.10pm

Blackwaters     10.20pm

Paves                  9.30pm

Vida                     8.40pm

Heavy Suns        7.50pm

Shambolics        7.00pm

Dantevilles         6.10pm

Matter Of Mind   5.20pm

The Cosmics      4.30pm

Emily Capell       3.40pm

Sauce                  2.50pm

The Lids              2.00pm

Sunday 23rd July at The Rocking Chair (from 2pm)

The Assist         11.10pm

Himalayas         10.20pm

The Americas     9.30pm

Ivory Wave          8.40pm

No Hot Ashes     7.50pm

Generation          7.00pm

The Kaveliers     6.10pm

Red Rum Club    5.20pm

Breed                   4.30pm

Proletariat           3.40pm

Black Lime          2.50pm

Aztec Temples    2.00pm

It’s unreal but for real that you can witness them all for free entry.

A genuine music movement is underway, with bands supporting bands, down the front for each other’s sets, wearing each other’s t shirts, is becoming increasingly evident at every event, with an audience that are, themselves up and coming in all sorts of ways. Youth powered future music industrious.