This Feeling and Red Stripe announce exciting plans for 2018…more TV, more gigs, more everything!

Red Stripe Presents This Feeling TV is back for 2018, after successful 2017 launch New talent up and down the country can rejoice as the partnership will see over 200 live nights showcasing upcoming talent in over 40 live music venues across the UK.

Following the partnership’s successful launch of new music online TV show ‘Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV, which secured half a million views of performances by the likes of DMA’S (Liam Gallagher came to watch), The Amazons,Tom Grennan, Bang Bang Romeo, Slaves and Rat Boy alongside interviews with Carl Barât, Martin Compston, Holly Willoughby and Abbey Clancy, it will return for at least four instalments in 2018 with Radio X presenter Gordon Smart at the helm.

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So, there’s gonna be more content, more This Feeling TV, plus a new live stream element to be announced at Pirate Studios, along with ‘Earn Your Stripes’ which gives non-performing talent their first leg up in the industry. Nice.

A big supporter of This Feeling, Noel Gallagher, said: ‘This Feeling believe in the power of guitar music, and when the indie scene makes its glorious comeback, you can bet your arse you will have seen it first on This Feeling TV”

Founder of This Feeling and flag bearer for grassroots music Mikey Jonns, who was recently described by Radio X as ‘the champion of rock ‘n’ roll’, agrees: “This Feeling is essentially a coalition of venues, bands, reps, DJs, managers, bloggers, photographers and of course mad for it music fans brought together by mutual love. And it’s growing, the dots are joining, the zone is strong, it’s a powerful force. We’re putting on 200+ shows this year and growing and improving #ThisFeelingTV. Everyone’s wondering where the next Oasis or Kasabian are coming from well I know for a fact they’re out there right now and 2018 is gonna be an amazing year for guitar music”

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