This Feeling Track of the Day : Gordon Raphael ‘I Sleep On The Radio’

The Strokes, Damon Albarn, Ian Brown, Hinds and countless others have benefited from Gordon’s legendary Midas touch. Now he’s turned attention to himself, after all he is first foremost a musician and songwriter…“I love producing, but playing guitar and writing songs is what I’ve always done. I wanted to show what I can do on the other side of the desk all the time, but let’s just say it’s taken me a while to get it together”.

After writing over a thousand songs, Gordon’s released a debut album of the 12 he holds most dear. Inspired by the glam rock era David Bowie, the glam pop perfection of Sparks and a love of Frank Zappa, prog rock and weird found sounds honed, zoned and perfected, this is a stunning debut that needs to heard.

For fans of: Bowie, Zappa, The Strokes, Blur, Flaming Lips, mad, magical sounds that come from outta space

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