This Feeling Track of the Day : Kyle Falconer ‘Poor Me’

Kyle Falconer’s debut solo single is stunning, an out and out anthem and quite possibly the best song he’s ever written. It’s certainly his bravest. Working entirely alone (except for drums) Kyle was able to face his demons square in the eye and emerge a better man, songwriter and musician. Kyle says; “It’s been a very long time coming this solo thing. It feels great to get it off my chest finally and the lyrics to this track run deep.”

An outstanding songwriter with a unique vocal but often seen as someone who doesn’t take his craft seriously and criminally under-rated as a result, this track and forthcoming album (‘No Thank You’ out July 27) should see perceptions change as Kyle re-emerges with renewed focus, vigour and passion, hell bent on showing he’s one of the UK’s finest singers and songwriters of his generation.

The album title came when Falconer and his new family visited Liam Gallagher in Phuket. Falconer mentioned ‘No Thank You’ as a possible title as they listened to an early mix of the album. “And Liam said, ‘If you don’t use it, I’m going to use it for my next album” laughs Falconer. “It makes a lot of sense. No thanks to a band, no thanks to anyone, I recorded it all myself so no need to thank anyone – just thank me.” 

Thank you, Kyle, we can’t wait for the album and the shows (dates below). To pre-order ‘No Thank You’ click HERE

Photo: Bazza Mills

Kyle Falconer UK Tour dates are;

14th June – Newcastle, Think Tank

17th June – London, Kenwood House

30th June – Glasgow, TRSMT Festival

2nd August – Dundee, Church

3rd August – Aberdeen, Tunnels

4th August – Rosyth, Fifest

18th August – Falkirk, The Warehouse

24th August – Inverness, Ironworks

25th August – Fraserburgh, Leisure Centre

6th September – Stoke, The Undergound* 

7th September – Liverpool, EBGB’S*

8th September – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club*

13th September – Manchester, Day & Night* 

15th September – Sheffield, The Plug 2*

*This Feeling dates tickets