This Feeling Track of the Day : Sterling Roswell ‘Atom Brain Monster-Rock!’

Former Spacemen 3 cosmonaut Sterling Roswell is set to release a new single on Blang Records, his first for the label, on the 29th of July 2016.

‘Atom Brain Monster-Rock!’, released on limited edition seven-inch vinyl and available to download, comes backed with the instrumental ‘Atom Brain’ and is hint of what to expect from the forthcoming album later this year. Psychedelic Space Rock at it’s very best, the single is a lurching blank-eyed rock and roll swamp thing dripping fuzz and tremelo over your turntable and sees Roswell calling from the shadows about Obama keeping Cameron’s brain alive in a pickle jar.

In Sterling’s own words, “It’s about a greedy little man that is supposed to be working for the good of the nation, but instead tries to rip off the system that people have worked so hard to build – the NHS and the welfare of the people is being traded off the jet set life styles of a class of pig fucking, oil spilling, gun running Tory terrorists.”