This Feeling Track of the Day : YOTA ‘Drop The Bomb’

Jeff Wootton (Gorillaz), Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons) lead the creation of Youth of the Apocalypse with Joshua Lazarus, Seye Adelekan, Jay Sharrock and Twitty Garcia, a new supergroup of British and American musicians also known as YOTA.
Speaking about the track, they describe it as they’d likely describe themselves, “Founded on frustration, punk ethics, a love of hip-hop and rap culture, alternative culture, graffiti and guerrilla tactics, YOTA is a youth movement, a gang, a fresh and immediate art form made of music, words and fashion”. If that don’t get you excited, nothing will. The coolest new gang in town – ones to watch. 
For fans of: Gorillaz, Klaxons, MF Doom
Photo: Will Ireland


June 12 Manchester Soup Kitchen

June 13 London XOYO