A first date with: Vistas’ Prentice Robertson

Welcome back the ever-so entertaining first dates feature! We get musicians to take us on hypothetical dates and it’s a lotta fun. Kicking off the return, we talk strenuous activity, egos and bad laughs with Prentice from Edinburgh indie-rockers, Vistas… 

So, we’re on our first date. Where are we going?

Erm, probably somewhere chilled. There’s a good museum in Edinburgh where you can sort of like chat, and then look at weird artefacts and things. On a first date it’s always good to be able to speak to the person for an extended period of time.

No sort of strenuous activity dates, then?

Absolutely not. I think if I went on a first date with anyone and did a strenuous activity there would not be a second date.

And say we go for a classic cinema date, what kind of film are we choosing?

I dunno, like thrillers are always good. Then it’s always good to talk about after. Sometimes a lot of people say comedy but it’s quite hard to pick a comedy film, especially on a first date with someone you don’t necessarily wanna take them to something they might not find funny and then you’re sitting there like ‘oh god.’

Or if you have a really bad laugh. That’s always off-putting.

That could be endearing though, if you have a really weird laugh. But it always depends on the person, doesn’t it.

And what about dutch courage, are we drinking on the first date?

I guess it depends, I’m usually okay! If I was drinking I’d probably have a jack and coke to calm the nerves a little bit, I am usually alright though.

You’re confident then. And how long before we start chatting about music? Is that how you charm me or does that come later?

It’s funny actually, I’m kind of the one in the band who doesn’t really like to bring up the fact that we’re in a band. I always think it’s a bit, I don’t wanna say cringy, but I think it’s a bit strange when you introduce yourself and then within two seconds of talking to someone you mention the fact that you’re in a band. It shouldn’t really be about that. It should come a little bit later. If you’re in a relationship with someone it doesn’t really matter if they particularly like your band or not. I think that should be a separate thing really, not your entire identity. I also feel so sorry for a lot of girlfriends of people in bands ‘cause they go to so many of their gigs.

So liking your music isn’t necessary, but what about music taste in general?

It definitely helps. If you have similar music taste to someone it’s going to lend well to the fact that you’ll have similar personalities as well. If someone likes indie music like The Strokes and Kings of Leon I’m sure we’ll get on like a house on fire.

And what about becoming a muse for songs?

Our songs that are about relationships are usually about other people’s relationships, as opposed to ours. Our observations of that. We’ve got a song about long distance relationships and I suppose in the band we have experience of that, and we have songs about arguments in relationships but it’s more about us looking on onto other people’s relationships. I guess we’ve not had the experience so far of having a muse, but some of our songs are about how bad we are with girls… but I don’t know if that counts as being a muse.

More the comedy element of you guys trying and failing then.

Yeah it’s more about our naivety in dating.

So we’re at the end of the date – who’s paying?

I mean, I’m happy to split! I’m always in the frame of mind that if I get this one you get the next one… Whatever!

We’ll do rounds. And what’s the way to impress you?

Just feed my ego! Tell me my songs are amazing, and Vistas are the best band you’ve ever heard in the world.

I thought that didn’t matter! You’ve changed…

No, just be sound, really. Just be nice and up for a laugh.

Putting the date to one side, and onto your music. You had ‘Hold Me’ out recently and you’ve got ‘Retrospect’ coming out on 10 November. What else have you got planned?

Around the time of the single we’ve got four dates in Scotland and one in England. We’ve got Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Edinburgh and then a little festival in Stockton. So we’ve got that run of shows then music coming out, then tiny little break to focus on writing some more songs for 2018 and working on live stuff. I think that’s the plan anyway.

Well, thank you! I hope I’ve earned a second date.

For sure!

Keep up with Vistas at https://vistasmusic.tumblr.com

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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