Foo Fighters share video for new single ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’

Foo Fighters have delivered a second consecutive contender for rock anthem of 2017 in the form of ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ after their sensational June single ‘Run’. Described by frontman Dave Grohl as “the biggest thing sonically that we’ve ever done”, ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ is also the piece de resistance that effectively completed Foo Fighters’ forthcoming ninth album, Concrete and Gold.

Filled with the band’s thrashing rock and Grohl’s impassioned, gravelly growl which we all know and love, the track also oozes catchy, almost poppy, anthemic hooks and a twinkling, majestic grandeur. Another offering which only serves to increase our excitement about the upcoming new album…

Of the track, Grohl explains:  “One night I was lying out looking up at stars… Just imagining all of these stars as places that have life on them as well, and I decided that the sky is a neighborhood, that we need to keep our shit together in order to survive in this universe full of life. But I had no music yet. I just had the title. So everyday I would walk around, kind of humming this thing in my head.”

The melody of the song came to Grohl without even touching a guitar, so it follows that ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ would come just as naturally to the band: the song was recorded in a single afternoon by Grohl and fellow Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear and Rami Jaffee. “And once we were finished,” Grohl says. “I thought ‘OK now we have an album. This is it and we’re done’…  as we were mixing, I realized that we’d actually done what we set out do: to make this gigantic Foo Fighters record but with Greg Kurstin’s sense of jazz and melody and arrangement, something that we’d never done before.”

The video for ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ is a kaleidoscopic sci-fi mini-epic as massive as the slow burning rock anthem that gave it life. Hypnotic swirls of color of extraterrestrial origin, glowing eyes, levitating children (Dave Grohl’s daughters) and more combine to create an otherworldly cinematic palette equal parts beautiful and creepy.

Simultaneously, Foo Fighters are launching a constellation viewer, enabling every FF fan to transform to their phone into a tool for exploring the sky in their neighborhood: click here to configure a realistic constellation map in the viewer’s 3D sphere, then let it identify the constellations in your night sky—all while tiny Foo Fighters soundtrack your explorations at the bottom of the screen.

Watch the new video for ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ here:

Concrete And Gold is out 15 September and Foo Fighters play O2 Arena on 19 September. 

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