Former Augustines Frontman William McCarthy Joins Patreon

Sadly, as many of your know 2016 was a year of many great departures and Augustines were one of a number of artists who ceased as a band. 2017, though, is a new year and with every new year is a new beginning and former band-member William McCarthy has taken to crowdfunding to start his life as a solo artist.

Last month many of the Augustines fans discussed ways to keep the fire going. They may have not been able to save the band, but surely they could at least use their collective efforts to forge a way for the band’s singer to continue his creative journey.

After discussing a variety of crowdfunding websites, McCarthy has announced that he has joined Patreon – a site where fans of an artist can donate money per month and back them in their future ventures. Depending on what each person chooses to give they will receive from the artist a different level of reward.

McCarthy is not only a gifted singer/songwriter, but also a writer, storyteller and a visual artist which is reflected in what he offers as a reward per monthly donation as shown here:

Holler for a Dollar! ($1)
Thank you for being a part of this. You can each access my Patreon feed and will be part of the exclusive Facebook patrons community group where you can join in the conversation.

5 Alive! ($5)
Welcome aboard and thank you; you’re contributing and I’ve got some rewards for you! You’ll have access to my Patreon feed with all my creative news, my fortnightly podcast ‘Onward with William McCarthy’ and membership of the exclusive Facebook community group

The Zen of Ten ($10)
Nothing’s zenner then a tenner! For stepping up to this level, as well as everything already mentioned, I will send you a personal handwritten note (leave shipping address) and welcome you to my “With Bill” Periscope / video hangouts, where we chat about the road, my art and the overall process of creating where I will welcome your input and thoughts, by all means fill a glass while we’re there! Finally, you’ll also receive weekly updates from me whether from the road or at home.

Movers, Shakers and Changemakers ($15)
You guys are my angel investors and will be crucial to making the future happen. All of the above rewards are yours as well as one meet and greet per tour. I’ll also send you handwritten and signed lyrics to a song of your choice every year

Patron Saints, Ye Make Me Faint! ($25)
Ladies and gentlemen, you are saints. You will access everything we have already mentioned, as well as receive two tickets to a show of your choice per tour and a Skype call for every year you keep making this happen. For heroes who aren’t able to make a show, message me and I’ll work something out for you.


After just one day he has reached his first goal of $500 and will start his special fortnightly podcast series “Onward with William McCarthy” where he will tell stories, give weekly updates on his artistic journey and bring you into the creative process.

It seems this is the only way that a lot of artists can continue in the current climate, no label or PR team, just with the backing of the people and complete contact with the singer.  This model can work if you are already a known act, though how an unknown artist would be able to use this model is a different matter completely. Let’s hope that this can be a successful new direction for artists to follow and that more fires are being nurtured than distinguished in 2017.

This is what he had to say about this new venture on his Patreon page.

This is OUR life…

…and it feels pretty good. There are lots of words to express how I’m feeling tonight and for those who may be headed to bed (or getting ready for the day), I’ll summarise it as ‘welcome and thank you’.

My flat is small, it feels like living on a boat sometimes and I haven’t been out much since arriving 7 weeks ago. Winter has kicked in, it’s cold and I’ve been pacing around inside all day; the anxiety was and is intense! Will people respond to this new way? Will past shows and memories somehow be enough to build a bridge to the next chapter? Will people receive my humour, visual art, poems and other creations well?

It feels odd when you end a tour but in this case, the band ended with it. Tour life is a strange life and it makes ‘real life’ seem actually quite distant.

Knowing that November 1st would come, I had started thinking and planning, as that’s what works for me in hard times. Firstly podcast then a book, solo album, shows but that journey and the reality of those plans and bringing them to fruition my God is harsh. It’s all felt daunting. I’m in a foreign country at the end of the day. I constantly order the wrong thing, get lost, mess up the only ten words I know in German and generally hang around by myself.

I spent a lot of yesterday sending out voice memos to people and personal notes – some of you may have received one. I did more tonight. For me, it is a natural extension of how we hang together after shows, so why not give it a go from my living room? Every time I reach out, I find remarkable people, their stories and a lot of inspiration. I plan to keep doing this. My vision for this is to have some structure, but also celebrate being unorthodox too. I’m very excited about the podcast. I want to tell you stories, more stories and then more stories; jokes and humour and political satire, my inspirations and aspirations. I’ll also make field inquiries and do shows based on what you guys would like to hear. Perhaps we build some set lists together?

I will make the first few podcasts public after which they will be released exclusively to you, my patrons. My community.

Past messaging here on Patreon, you can always reach out with ideas, thoughts and simple hellos at I will have the exclusive Facebook group up and running by the end of this week and discussion between you all, with and without me, can continue there too.

I am beyond thrilled that we built this bridge today and that you’re helping me to make it happen. I too grew up loving music and I wish I was able to connect like this to Frank Black or The Smiths back in the day but I had to buy magazines, imports and posters to feel close to them past the records.

I also want to assure each of you that I’m truly committing myself to this and doing so with great pleasure. It’s a mighty challenge and any artist that doesn’t like a challenge is a lazy ass (arse, hello UK!) or probably not very inspiring!

Music is beautiful, friends are beautiful and 2017 is already beautiful. Let’s keep it going. It takes a village to raise a band, and those are always the best ones.

Welcome, thank you.


BM “

For anymore information on William McCarthy please check out the website here and enjoy the video below on why he chose Patreon.