Francesca Louise proves that she can manage on her own in “Ride The Waters”

Francesca Louise graces listeners with yet another exquisite release in the stunning “Ride The Waters”. The youthful singer/songwriter who is known for her delicate arrangements of folk/pop, reminiscent of Lucy Rose meets Carole King, drops the second single off of her upcoming EP, Melancholic Antidote. Narrating the powerful message that we don’t need anyone to help us find happiness and success, Louise shines light on the importance of independence and self-love. 

Originally from the North West, the now London based artist shares, “So many young girls feel that they need someone beside them to be able to progress and find success in their lives, but this song suggests the opposite. It is an encouraging anthem for independent and powerful young women.” Her compelling message is conveyed through light-hearted instrumentation built upon jangly, acoustic guitars and soft percussion, allowing her soulful vocals to tell her own story. The songwriter has crafted a distinct sound, oozing with emotive lyricism and sincerity, enabling listeners to enter her own world of whimsy folk.  

Delivering a feel-good, easy-listening track, to perk you up when you’re feeling down, Francesca Louise teases audiences with what to expect off the highly anticipated EP due in July.