GALLERY: Strange Bones @ Deaf Institute, Manchester, 12.10.18

Frighteningly chaotic yet utterly sublime – a Strange Bones gig is no place for the fainthearted. 

The burly bands’ headline set at Manchester’s Deaf Institute on Saturday, October 12, produced a surging atmosphere and exhibited gigantic personality.  Photographer, Nidge Sanders (Trust A Fox) got up-close-and-personal with Strange Bones; producing a collection of images encapsulating their raw energy and ability to cause a delightful ruckus.

TAF_7316-2 TAF_7045 TAF_7037 TAF_6902 TAF_6887 TAF_6861 TAF_6831 TAF_6822 TAF_6818 TAF_6801 TAF_6776 TAF_6759 TAF_6739 TAF_6723 TAF_6720 TAF_6718 - Copy TAF_6717 TAF_6708 TAF_6692 TAF_6690 TAF_6671 TAF_6660
Strange Bones, Deaf Institute, Manchester, 12.10.18 – Credit: Nidge Sanders (Trust A Fox)