Gigslutz and This Feeling pay tribute, Track of The Day: Get Viola Beach to Number 1

Gigslutz and This Feeling pay tribute to Viola Beach and Craig Tarry.

“Craig Tarry was a friend, a fine man, a force of good and positivity in a sometimes pretty dark and dubious industry. He was always on hand to help out new bands or others, even if he was not managing them or stood to gain in any way financially.

Viola Beach, you could just tell, had it all and were heading for the very top. They knew how good they were but what really hit me was how humble and happy they were, and how happy everyone around them was. They were infectious. With Craig as their manager they would have been massive, there’s no absolutely doubt about that.

It’s been a heartbreaking week, five great lads doing what they loved (so well) taken so cruelly. It appears not in vain, though; what’s happened (and happening) this week, the love they’ve been shown, the support, the coming together it has been inspiring and heart warming. And it’s no less than Craig and Viola Beach deserve.” – Mikey Jonns, This Feeling


“Heartbroken and shocked doesn’t begin to cover how we are all feeling at the moment. In a community as tight as ours, where everyone knows each other, supports each other and truly values each other, it feels as if our siblings were lost this weekend. I count myself as incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to know these hard working, dedicated and talented people.

Craig was a true asset to this industry; a manager who cared so much for his artists with his selfless and positive nature prevailing every single time. No matter who you were, Craig would take the time to listen, understand and help you in anyway he could – this was, in no doubt, appreciated by anyone who crossed his path.

Kris, River, Jack and Tom were the definition of life; their happiness was infectious, their enjoyment beamed and their music not only lit up the rooms they were playing but brightened your day whatever you were doing. Just over a week ago, I was privileged to spend some time with Viola Beach in both Dublin and Cork, whilst they were on tour with Blossoms. Their welcoming personalities made us all feel apart of their journey; we joked about tiny gigs I’d seen them play in the past few months and the day when they’d headline Glastonbury, still using their handmade cardboard merch sign. It was all very real, with the world at their feet, it was never an “if” it was only ever a “when”.

Whilst we reflect at our own personal loss, we send our love to both Viola Beach and Craig’s families and closest friends.”  – Rachel Young, Gigslutz.


Friends of Viola Beach and Craig Tarry have started a campaign to get the band to number 1.

When something bad happens, love and support is the answer. Getting the band to number 1 (all proceeds will go to the families) would be an incredible and fitting tribute. It’s an absolute fucking tune and all.

Make it happen by clicking here. 

Rachel Young

Rachel Young

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