Gigslutz Competition: Win a pair of Ei8htball headphones!

More Gigslutz competitions for you! This time we have three pairs of Ei8htball headphones to give away.

Gigslutz have been using the headphones recently and can confirm they are brilliant. For a chance to win a pair for yourself, all you have to do is to follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook, then ‘retweet’ the competition tweet and ‘share’ the competition Facebook status.

If you already ‘follow’ us and ‘like’ us, then just do the retweets and share the status and you will be in the hat.

Good Luck!

Winner will be picked at random and announced on Tuesday 1st April 2014


Here is a description from ei8htball; It’s all about the sound really. The skitter of a drum machine, the romance of the 808 kicking ‘Madchester’ into life, the howling feedback that links The Who to Jesus And the Mary Chain…. to Napalm Death, the jangle that stretches from The Beatles to Arctic Monkeys, the soul groove that pulls back from Alex Turner’s Sheffield lads to Marvin Gaye and rebounds to Robin Thicke. The flow of the best rappers, the pop that you grew up on, the pop that you haven’t heard yet (the stuff YOUR kids will grow up on), the music that you’ll listen to again and again and again…… What you need is something that can handle all those sounds. Something that will cope with whatever mood you’re in. Something that will be true to what you need to hear. That’s why we’re here. ei8htball. It’s all in your head.