Gigslutz interview with – FOSSIL COLLECTIVE

Fossil Collective consists of multi-instrumentalists David Fendick and Jonny Hooker.  The two-piece have been working together for years, having previously been in successful Leeds band Vib Gyor together. Their debut album was released in early April and they are currently on a 21 date UK tour.

The album is set for big things and Q Magazine has already featured ‘Brother’ as their track of the day. In preparation of their eagerly anticipated Sound City gig Johnny Hooker kindly took the time out to answer some of Gigslutz questions….

GS: Fossil Collective formed from the ashes of Vib Gyor. Would you say that the success of Fossil Collective so far has vindicated your decisions to go in a separate direction?

FC: I suppose so yes, but Vib Gyor had come to its natural end really and Dave and I were wanting to just write music again, simply to enjoy the process and enjoy it – there was never any real master plan, we’re very lucky that we were approached by Dirty Hit Records in the UK and found a great home for our music and the rest is history.

GS: You seem to wear your influences on your sleeve in terms of Young, Simon & Garfunkel etc. Is this indicative of what you listen to, or do you have a more diverse record collection?

FC: We have very diverse music tastes in the band and will listen to anything from Chopin to Ravi Shanker and everything in between. When we decided to start the project the most important thing was to focus on melody and I suppose we might have inadvertently navigated towards the music that our parents listened to when we were growing up.

GS: Can you tell us a bit of background to ‘Tell Where I Lie’? 

FC: It’s a collection of songs written over the last 18 months – we’re very proud of how it turned out.

GS: With today’s music market as it is, you are likely to get put into the categorised ‘alternative-folk’. Does that annoy you at all, and do you feel there is more to your music than being ‘alternative-folk’.

FC: No it’s cool – we just write the music that we like and don’t really think about tags to be honest.

GS: The video for ‘Let it go’ is immense. What is the story behind that?

FC: Our friend Ashley Dean runs an animation company and he loved the song – he approached us with a story line and we loved it so he spent the next few months with his team slowly moving the models and taking photos so he could put it all together. It was very much a labour of love.

GS: Collectively you play a variety of instruments. Is there any instrument which you cannot play which you wish you could?

FC: Jonny – I wish I was a better piano player – I want to buy a Panart and learn that next. Dave – the Sitar

GS: You are in the middle of a 21 date UK tour. That is some tour! What has been your favourite date yet?

FS: The shows have been amazing so far and it’s been great to sell out so many shows this time round. I think my favourite so far was London, great crowd and we chatted afterwards with so many cool people.

GS: A question we ask a lot of our touring bands on Gigslutz is about their tour bus. Can you give us an insight into a day in the life of Fossil Collective on tour?

FC: Wake up, tidy the van. Drive to the chosen city whilst arguing over the playlist, tidy the van. Unload at the venue, do the gig and make a mess of the van on the way to the hotel.

GS: What was the first record you ever bought?

FC: Jonny – Pearl Jam – Ten, Dave – Tight Fit, The Lion Sleeps Tonight

GS: Are you looking forward to Sound City?

FC: Yeah immensely, we played it last year and loved the vibe. The leaf is a great venue.

GS: Another standard question we ask. We have a radio show which we do in conjunction with the website. As part of the show we offer interviewed bands the opportunity to do a ‘mini play list’. Would you like to pick 3 songs to be played on our show? They can be your favourite songs, what you’re listening to at the minute, songs you want to big up, or one of your own numbers. Any 3, shoot!

FC: ‘Fink’ by Warm Shadow (we’re back into this song so much), Joe Banfi’s tune ‘Nomads’ (he is on tour with us and a great talent) and Vib Gyor’s ‘Red Lights’ (our old band)

GS: So, standard closing question – tell us what the future holds for Fossil Collective.

FC: Lots of touring really, we finish the UK tour and then head to the USA for a month to play with The Boxer Rebellion. We then have some great festivals that we’re playing this summer, we’re really excited about Green Man and End of the Road Festival – two we really wanted to play,

GS: Is there anything else you would like to add?

FC: The Sun always shines on TV


Fossil Collectives tour continues. They will be playing Aberdeen (1st May), Glasgow (2nd) and Newcastle (3rd) before the finale at Sound City (4th).

Gigslutz will be there to see how the show goes and tune into the Gigslutz radio show on Optical Radio on 30th May to hear Fossil Collective’s mini play list.