Gigslutz interview with ALLMAN BROWN

London singer-songwriter Allman Brown has been playing gigs around our capital, as well as Paris and New York for a while. His latest single ‘Sons and Daughters’ features vocals from Liz Lawrence and is due to appear on a new EP in September. The song blends the pairs understated but powerful voices over a stark acoustic which builds into a surging finale.
We caught up with a tipsy Allman to talk about his career thus far, future plans and midnight snacks…

GS: Hi, How are you doing?

AB: Well thank you, I’ve just had some rum after work so the world seems rosy.

GS: Can you give us a bit of background on the band?

AB: I started gigging just out of university and have since been through a production deal and an initial plunge into the music industry. Now I’m focusing on recording better songs and trying different collaborations.

GS: Your website says you play live all over London, Paris and New York, what links you to these cities?

AB: London is my home and I’ve played all over. Paris and New York I’ve played through the lovely Songs From A Room Movement. I’ve also headlined Soho House in New York and had a week’s residency for MILK Fashion Studios in Manhattan.

GS: What have been your career highlights so far?

AB: Playing Soho House with a jazz pianist called John Batiste who played a gig at Carnegie Hall and then came to support me on my set! What a lovely guy! Also, my very first gig in London at the Ginglik in Shepherd’s Bush because you always remember your first time.

GS: Your new single features Liz Lawrence. How did that collaboration come about?

AB: We were on the same bill for a night The Young And Lost Club put on at The Lock Tavern. I saw her play, fell in love with her voice and then rather sheepishly asked her if she fancied writing a song together.

GS: Like the best songs, ‘Sons and Daughters’ seems to be both sad and uplifting at the same time. Would you agree with this and if so, how do you achieve this effect?

AB: Yes definitely. I think we achieved it by being manic depressive singer songwriters! No, only kidding. It came about from the theme of the song, that idea of capturing an emotion and the ethereal nature of dreams and time all fed into it. Also, when we heard the simplicity of our voices together, it became obvious that the song was bittersweet.

GS: Apart from Liz, who would your dream collaboration be with, past or present?

AB: Justin Vernon, the front man and driving force behind Bon Iver.

GS: Who do you admire in music at the moment?

AB: Justin Vernon, Rick Rubin, Ben Howard, Feist……..

GS: What are your aspirations in music?

AB: To write the best possible songs I can and to have as many people as possible hear them and to in some small way make the world a better place.

GS: What are you plans release-wise? Can we expect an album in the near future?

AB: I have another EP (after the Sons and Daughters Ep, 2 Sept) in the bag and hope to write an album soon.

GS: We have a monthly radio show which runs along side the website. We ask artists we interview to pick a ‘mini’ playlist for us to play on air. Would you like to pick 3 songs for us? They can be anything you like; your own, bands you want to big up, guilty pleasures, anything. Shoot!

AB: Going To California by Led Zeppeli, Lisztomania by Phoenix, Breakers by Local Natives

GS: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for the interview. I’m off to cook a midnight snack.

Sam Turner