Gigslutz Interview with New Killer Shoes & Happy Chichester.

Midland rockers and Gigslutz faves New Killer Shoes rolled into Birmingham last night on the latest stop of their tour with Happy Chichester promoting their latest release, ‘I Ain’t Even Plugged In’, an all-acoustic take on their full-length debut ‘I Ain’t Even Lyin’’. Elliott Homer grabbed a quick chat with Jon, Ben, Ryan and Ricky-Lee from New Killer Shoes and Happy Chichester before the show.

So first of all, how’s the tour going?

All: Great!

Happy, how excited are you to be playing these guys’ hometown tonight?

Happy: Oh, super excited. I mean, they’re beloved here in Birmingham, right? We’re gonna have a good crowd tonight and we’re gonna play a great show.

Have the NKS boys taken you out, to show you around the town?

Ryan: He’s taken us out. Showing us how we should treat the town!

Ricky-Lee: We’ve done a lot of travelling around now together. It’s been a good laugh on the journeys.

Back in July, New Killer Shoes headlined the O2 Academy here in Birmingham, how does it feel to take a step down to smaller venues for these acoustic gigs?

Jon: It’s all good.

Ricky-Lee: It’s cool because you can actually talk to the crowd.

Ryan: The more you do it, the more familiar faces you see and the more you feel like you know everyone. It’s nicer.

Is it harder when you don’t have the sheer volume of your regular set-up?

Ryan: Nothing to hide behind.

Ricky-Lee: It’s more of a challenge definitely.

Jon: Yeah but we love a challenge! It gets boring when it becomes easy.

Ricky-Lee: Happy’s got it the worst ‘cause it’s just him, one man!

Jon: This man beat-boxes a didgeridoo!

How about you, Happy? Which do you prefer, small or large venues?

Happy: I actually like when people are close enough for me to smell them, to really see their faces, y’know? I’ve played shows with like 70,000 people and it’s weird for me. I was playing with The Afghan Whigs one time at RFK Stadium (in Washington D.C.) which is where my Dad would take me to see baseball games when I was young. I mean, it’s exciting but I ended just watching the big screen thinking “There’s my buddy Greg (Dulli)!”


Happy: You feel sort of detached. I kind of like a smaller venue with people right in your face. I like getting in their faces too!

I’ve spoke to some fans congregating already outside. Have your two fanbases been getting along?

Happy: Oh yeah. From my perspective, it’s a really uplifting, affirming thing that people travel all the way from Ireland and Sweden…

Ryan: There’re some from Germany tonight and a couple from America too…

Happy: I mean, how lucky can you get? It’s really heartwarming.

Ricky-Lee: It’s great when the fans meet each other. They’re interacting online through Twitter and Facebook, meeting then having a good time. Everyone’s just getting together to enjoy the night.

That’s what it’s all about in the end isn’t it? Happy, is there any chance you’ll take New Killer Shoes on the road with you in the U.S.?

Ryan: We’re going back with him! We’re gonna live at his for six months!

Happy: I just don’t know how much these guys are gonna like playing the trailer park circuit!

You’ve all got some friends in high places, Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam one of them. Have you considered asking if you can get on their bill when they eventually come to Europe?

Jon: Chances are slim.

Ricky-Lee: There’s no harm in asking. We got along great so you never know.

Crossed fingers for you guys! Thanks for talking to Gigslutz!

All: Nice one, cheers!

Happy Chichester and New Killer Shoes are playing The Half Moon, London on Tuesday 8th October. To get tickets click HERE

‘I Ain’t Even Plugged In’ is available from New Killer Shoes’ website HERE
More information on Happy Chichester HERE

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