Gigslutz Interview With ‘The Ginge’ – AKA Graeme Rooney

Here at Gigslutz as you know we are all about the music. However we thought we’d throw a little curve ball in for you this week and get a bit TV on the go for you too! We’ve been enjoying the new BBC2 comedy,  The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek so we thought we would catch up with Graeme Rooney who plays ‘The Ginge’ to find out comedy influences, musical tastes and getting pizzas delivered during their gigs…

Good afternoon Ginge! The first thing I noticed is that you spend a lot of time in your pants during the show. So may I be so bold as to ask if Y-Fronts are your preferred brief style, and who gets the most gym-precious about the whole thing?

The Geek is definitely a man who loves his y-fronts in fact he does have a particular stripey pair Mrs Geek wishes he wouldn’t wear so often. Myself and the Geordie are more classic boxers blokes. Gym wise the Geek and The Geordie are definitely the gym regulars, i’m more of a take away regular!

Fast Show legend Charlie Higson recently proclaimed that the sketch show was long gone for the Twitter generation. Have you made any conscious efforts to pitch the show to a modern audience, or are you just that funny it doesn’t matter?

We just want to be funny for everyone. Our influences are Morecambe and Wise (hence the big comedy dance finishes), the Two Ronnies but also Big Train and The Fast Show so it’s like an old fashioned fun comedy show with a modern surreal twist (hence the big characters and fast pace!) We’ve had people on twitter saying their 3 yr old child, their 80 yr old dad and them are all laughing at it which is great to hear.

What is the most comical moment that has happened to you at one of your own gigs?

The one that springs to mind is at one of our gigs where we were doing a sketch and a drunken stag do had ordered in 12 large pizzas. So a pizza guy walked right across the front of the stage shouting, ‘who’s is the pepperoni? Americano? Hawaiin?!’

As you may know, we at GigSlutz are all about the music. And you guys all about the comedy dressing up – any plans for some kinda ironic take on the Def Leppard onesie?

Lol. Funnily enough when i was younger i never stopped playing ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, but i doubt the boys would let me run around in a onesie with bags of Tate and Lyle.

Ok, so let’s get to know your musical tastes a little bit more…if you could be in any band, who would it be?

For me it would have to be the Jackson 5, I love motown and Michael Jackson’s music. The Geordie would probably want to be in Boyzone or Take That and The Geek would want to be in Oasis.

And what about on a night out? Describe your perfect musically comical evening?

I’d love to jump in a time machine go back and watch Live Aid, what an amazing gig! Then meet up with Billy Connolly, Morecambe and wise, The Two Ronnies and The cast of Big Train in some parallel universe. Then once we’d all finished our pints head to the take away for some chips and cheese.

Who would be in your ‘supergroup’ if you could pick a bassist, guitarist, singer and drummer. And where would you fit in?

I’d love to actually just take Axel Rose’s place for a gig or be the new front man for Queen. Just to be part of Guns ‘n’ Roses for a gig at their peak or Queen’s at theirs would be amazing.

What is the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Michael Jackson – Dangerous Tour. Phenomenal.

We have a monthly radio show – would you like to pick 3 songs for us to play on the show? These can be anything at all!

‘Smooth Operator’ by Sade, Go on YouTube and check out the sketch and you’ll appreciate this song so much more. ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’ from ‘Dirty Dancing’ – You’ll only laugh and think of Pizza if you watch Episode 3 on BBC iplayer and ‘What a feeling’ – Flashdance, if you’ve seen the show you’ll know why, dancing sheep!

Quick fire questions!

Beatles / Stones – Beatles

Sex Pistols / The Clash – The Clash

Oasis / Blur – Oasis (For The Geek)

Mods / Rockers – Rockers

Take That / East 17 – Take That (Watch Episode 6 and you’ll know why!)

Thanks Ginge!

You can watch The Ginge, The Geordie & The Geek on BBC2 on Sunday’s at 6.30pm or catch up on BBC IPlayer.