Gigslutz interview with: THE JAR FAMILY

The Jar Family aren’t your normal make up band. Formed as a group of northern souls sharing a guitar and creating music together under economic hardship – using a ‘jar’ to collect donations and share between them, they were discovered by their current manager last year, and with the help of Keith Wilkinson (former bassist of Squeeze and the Jools Holland Big Band), were able to bring their wonderfully unique sound to the masses. Their second album ‘Jarmalade’ is out this week and  Gigslutz caught up with the band to get the low down…

Can you tell us a brief story about TJF to date?

Richie Jar: We are a collective of five singer songwriters, a bassist, 2 drummers, a sound man who is fairly sound, a very positive manager and a really good behind the scenes management team. We formed in 2009 as solo collaborative artists, and then later became a collective ‘industrial folk’ band.  We have supported a fair few big named bands and played at a few big venues, to cut a long story short, we have 2 albums with our latest being previously released in hmv stores across the uk and available on itunes, amazon etc. Google the jar family, you wouldnt wanna miss out now!!

Gigslutz also recommends you do! So, where did the name come from?

Al Jar: We used to have a jar that we would collect money in when we were busking. We used the money from the jar to move forward and become The Jar Family.

Your music is rather diverse. How would you describe it?

Dali Jar: And infusion of multiple genres joined together to form industrial folk 

Being from Hartlepool, would you say your music is borne from your influences of the North East?

Max Jar: Aye, no money, no food, no home….

Chris Jar: Certainly from a song writting perspective but I think we’ve all been into music from an early age.

Does having so many singer song writers in the band ever prove problematic when deciding on set lists and album tracks?

Richie Jar: Noooo never, we all write, and dont get me wrong we all would play 10 songs each if we could, but we also understand  that some songs we write just isnt for the live feel sometimes, if you get a lively audience then you got to keep the set totally upbeat, and some of us have more lively tracks than others. But even so, we all play a major part in each others tracks anyway whether it be mine, his or his etc.

Dali Jar:Wer never argue it’s just a buzz having management behind us that sort all that out our main passion is to just get on that stage in front ov 10 -3000 or what ever size and have a blast a laugh enjoy every minuete

You have had some great support slots with household names. Do you have a particular favourite / highlight? 

Al Jar: Playing with Josh Kumra was a highlight for me. We actually became good friends after playing a few gigs; he is probably the best person I’ve met on the road. Kezia from Cornwall, who I’ve met a few times, is also really impressive.

Max Jar: Alabama 3, now that was an experience i think even they wont forget!

If you could pick anyone to support, who would that be?

Richie Jar: Max bianco definately haha, nah sorry my dream supportives are resting in peace, mr lennon and presley. but on a more serious note i wouldnt mind supporting eric bibb, hes a pretty cool blues player

Dali Jar: It would have to be Jack White and what ever band he is in any band would be great we respect all musicians and bands men

Chris Jar: If we could support anyone it would be stereophonics because they were my musical idols as a teenager, maybe not so much now but the certainly inspired me to pick up a guitar.

Which member of the band is the worst to go on tour with?!

Max Jar: what a question, this is how problems get caused, ill nominate myself, i dont wannna go on tour with myself

Al Jar: We all get on so well, but sometimes one person might get on the bus with a grumpy face, and another day it might be someone else. But no one is bad to tour with.

Dali Jar: No one I swear we just have a great laugh carry on and play its hellish

Richie Jar:  AHHHH That gotta be hooksy (SORRY DAVE), Not just because hes always late like more than all the time, but his sat nav skills always mean we gotta turn round at some point in every journey. Ohhh hang on… Dalis’ driving has had us on the edge of our seats like…

Chris Jar: Easy… Richie cos his farts smell the worst !!

Ha! Do you have anything else you would like to say?

Max Jar: pizza, coasters, tables and you

Riche Jar:  Errmmmm THANKYOOOOUUUUUUU with a big smiley face

Cheers lads!

Chris Jar: Thanks for the interview. Much love….


‘Jarmalade’is out now. For more information visit the band’s website